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"The CIVICUS report on the State of Civil Society 2011 could not be more timely. The events of the past year have meant new opportunities and new challenges for civil society in almost equal measure. The report skillfully navigates its way through these important themes "
Salil Shetty,
Secretary General, Amnesty International

"This new report on the state of civil society 2011 produced by CIVICUS provides long awaited reference material on the health and state of civil society globally. Amongst other things, the reports documents and provides creative analysis of the growing pattern of attacks on civil society organisations, and the variety of tactics used to limit freedom of assembly and association. It’s an important resource not only for civil society itself but for anyone concerned or indeed obliged with encouraging citizen participation, including governments, intergovernmental organisations and human rights bodies like the UN. I encourage you to read this report and act on its analysis."
Maina Kiai,
UN Special Rapporteur on the rights to freedom of peaceful assembly and of association

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