“The CIVICUS report on the State of Civil Society 2011 could not be more timely. The events of the past year have meant new opportunities and new challenges for civil society in almost equal measure. The report skillfully navigates its way through these important themes “

Salil Shetty, Secretary General, Amnesty International

“This new report on the state of civil society 2011 produced by CIVICUS provides long awaited reference material on the health and state of civil society globally. Amongst other things, the reports documents and provides creative analysis of the growing pattern of attacks on civil society organisations, and the variety of tactics used to limit freedom of assembly and association. It’s an important resource not only for civil society itself but for anyone concerned or indeed obliged with encouraging citizen participation, including governments, intergovernmental organisations and human rights bodies like the UN. I encourage you to read this report and act on its analysis.”

Maina Kiai, UN Special Rapporteur on the rights to freedom of peaceful assembly and of association

This first State of Civil Society report is quite welcomed, as it sheds light on the increasingly important but still little understood sector. The report is quite comprehensive in its analysis of global trends, as well as in the country profiles. It documents well not only how 2011 was a watershed year in terms of civil society activism and social change in the Middle East, but also demonstrates the constraints CSOs still face in such areas as disabling policy environments, scarce financing resources, and weak presence in multilateral fora. Civicus is well placed to produce this annual status report, and I congratulate them on the launch of the first edition.

John Garrison, Senior Civil Society Specialist, World Bank

“…it looks fascinating and I am glad I could make a very small contribution.

Dr Harald Wydra, Lecturer, University of Cambridge and editor of International Political Anthropology

“Thank you … very impressive. Congratulations to you and your team for putting it together. I look forward to seeing the final version in print.

Andrew Thompson, Co-editor of Fixing Haiti: MINUSTAH and Beyond and Critical Mass: The Emergence of Global Civil Society

“… CIVICUS team has done a great job with putting it together so effectively and am sure that it will be well received.”

Co- author of Disaster Management and Civil Society: Earthquake Relief in Japan, Turkey and India

“Thanks for all your efforts in putting this report together. I am very pleased that CIVICUS is moving to publish such an annual report”

Brian Tomlinson, Director of AidWatch Canada, Co-chair of the Task Team on CSO Development Effectiveness and Enabling Environment

“Some fifteen years ago, CIVICUS began helping civil society across the world look at and assess itself, showing that context always matters. Early years also made clear that looking at civil society involves both a target and an environment that move, all at different scales and time frames. And, as in assessing human vision, good observation for action calls for particular optical equipment, which benefits from attentive adjustment. The third version of the CIVICUS Civil Society Index used in this report enjoys that refinement. What it also brings is a pair of spectacles with different, sophisticated lenses, where the view from each ranges from course to fine. One lens captures visible activisms, collective events and their stories. The other lens looks into the ‘invisible’ multiple daily experience and stories of when and how a state works for and against its citizens’ rights. Each lens has integrity and is valuable on its own right. But, when combined, the depth and breadth of insight gained is second to none. Please read the report and see what I mean.”

-  Alan Fowler, Former CIVICUS board member and emeritus professor at the International Institute of Social Studies of Erasmus University

“Congratulation to CIVICUS for the great efforts that resulted in this publication.”

Lucia Nader and Camila Asano, Conectas

“Thanks a lot this report is very interesting and useful.”

Berghildur Bernharðsdóttir, Spokesperson, Icelandic Constitutional Council

“Thank you for sending us this, it looks great.”

Karin Christiansen, Founder of Publish What You Fund

“Thank you for your efforts towards the report. We are very glad to contribute.”

Laila Matar, UN Advocacy Representative, Cairo Institute for Human Rights

“Thanks again for the opportunity of taking part in this rich process and congratulations … for this interesting piece.”

Vera Schattan P Coehlo, Research Director, Brazilian Centre of Analysis and Planning

“Thank you for your work on this compilation. Many thanks again for inviting us to be a part of this publication.”

Amanda Atwood, Information and Communication Officer,

“I believe that this report will be a great source for a convening role to help bring new coalitions and new constituencies. It will be also help to fully spread the message that Every Human Has Rights.” 

Nazir Ahmed Ghazi

“I very much welcome the new CIVICUS Report on the State of Civil Society as a timely and thorough look into an increasingly important sector. At Publish What You Fund we focus on aid transparency, which as the report  highlights emerged as a major issue for civil society in 2011. The drive for greater transparency comes with a number of implications for CSOs, both in their advocacy activities and funding, and some of these critical  issues are discussed in the report. Congratulations to CIVICUS on publishing the first of what will no doubt be a long series of such reports.”

Karin Christiansen, Founder and Managing Director of Publish What You Fund