How international rules on countering the financing of terrorism impact civil society

CFT vs. CSO?[1] The Arab uprisings galvanised ‘pro-democracy’ governments in the West into a reaffirmation of their commitment to supporting civil society organisations (CSOs) working under repressive and authoritarian regimes. A Strategic Dialogue with Civil Society was launched...
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No Hate Speech Movement Logo

Freedom of Expression vs. Hate Speech: A European Youth Campaign

‘Hate speech’ is an irreducibly complex and contested idea, weighted against competing rights in different ways in different legal traditions and jurisdictions; dependent on different understandings of speech and its potential consequences; framed by varying and conflicting...
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28/01/2013. Front Line Defenders. Human rights def

Enabling Human Rights Defenders

The landmark adoption of the UN Declaration on Human Rights Defenders in 1998[1] gave formal international recognition to the essential role played by human rights defenders (HRDs). The clear assertion that there is a right to defend human rights was a recognition of the...
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The state of the internet in 2012/13′ from a civil society perspective

Summary As more people gain access to the internet, its diversity, reach and value increases. Therefore it follows that a central concern of civil society everywhere must be how affordable, inclusive and free the internet is.[1] Individuals, institutions and organisations all...
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Writers, civil society, freedom of expression and the enabling environment

This chapter outlines the role PEN International plays as a global writers’ organisation in promoting freedom of expression and international exchange between writers, readers and civil society actors. It explores the important role played by cultural actors in civil society...
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Resistance and Solidarity: Cambodian CSOs confront a repressive draft law on associations and NGOs

At the end of December 2011, in a surprise move, Cambodia’s Prime Minister, Hun Sen, agreed to delay by two years the adoption of a controversial proposed law governing the activities of civil society and non-governmental organisations (NGOs).  Cambodian civil society...
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The Legal and Regulatory Framework for Civil Society: Global Trends in 2012

The International Center for Not-for-Profit Law (ICNL) has worked on the legal framework for civil society in over 100 countries. In this contribution to the CIVICUS State of Civil Society Report, we examine three global trends that ICNL observed in 2012: 1) barriers to foreign...
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