4. Lock_voices-voix

Silencing Voices and Dissent in Canada

Summary In the past six years, civil society in Canada has witnessed a broad and deep decline in the space afforded to organisations working on the progressive side of the policy agenda. Since 2010, Voices-Voix, a Canadian civil society organisation (CSO) coalition has been...
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28/01/2013. Front Line Defenders. Human rights def

Enabling Human Rights Defenders

The landmark adoption of the UN Declaration on Human Rights Defenders in 1998[1] gave formal international recognition to the essential role played by human rights defenders (HRDs). The clear assertion that there is a right to defend human rights was a recognition of the...
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The state of the internet in 2012/13′ from a civil society perspective

Summary As more people gain access to the internet, its diversity, reach and value increases. Therefore it follows that a central concern of civil society everywhere must be how affordable, inclusive and free the internet is.[1] Individuals, institutions and organisations all...
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Writers, civil society, freedom of expression and the enabling environment

This chapter outlines the role PEN International plays as a global writers’ organisation in promoting freedom of expression and international exchange between writers, readers and civil society actors. It explores the important role played by cultural actors in civil society...
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