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Freedom of Expression vs. Hate Speech: A European Youth Campaign

‘Hate speech’ is an irreducibly complex and contested idea, weighted against competing rights in different ways in different legal traditions and jurisdictions; dependent on different understandings of speech and its potential consequences; framed by varying and conflicting...
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The state of the internet in 2012/13′ from a civil society perspective

Summary As more people gain access to the internet, its diversity, reach and value increases. Therefore it follows that a central concern of civil society everywhere must be how affordable, inclusive and free the internet is.[1] Individuals, institutions and organisations all...
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Messages that make an impact: Rethinking civil society communication strategies

Think of the recent Arab Spring and the Occupy Wall Street mobilisations: the vast and diverse sphere of what we call civil society bubbles, with action, ideas, and emotions. In the face of an unprecedented global crisis, affecting job markets and the cost of living, and food...
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